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The Proposal for Europe's Revolutionary New Mission to Venus

Direct link to the two-page Executive Summary of the proposal
(Full-text 50 page M5 proposal submitted to ESA on October 5th: available from the Resources page)

EnVision is a planetary orbiter mission competing for the European Space Agency's next launch opportunity. It will accomplish revolutionary surface, interior and atmospheric science to determine the nature and rate of change caused by geological and atmospheric processes on . The incredible data harvest will allow us to understand why Venus has evolved so differently from Earth despite their apparent sister-planet characteristics. Browse the different sections to learn more about Venus and our mission!

Aiming for the M5 launch opportunity, the team submitted a Statement of Interest to ESA on September 25th. The full proposal will be submitted by October 5th. Stay tuned for updates !

EnVision in the news :

  Scientists hope Venus will give up the secret
of how life evolved on Earth
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