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EnVision Mission Outline

The core payload required to deliver the science objectives are:

  • VenSAR, an S-band phased array antenna, developed from the Sentinel-1 and NovaSAR-S radar payloads
  • SRS, the Subsurface Radar Sounder, inheriting experience gained with MARSIS and SHARAD
  • VEM, the Venus Emissivity Mapper, building on the success of VIRTIS and VMC on Venus Express, and consisting of the VEM-M mapper and VEM-H spectrometer

Further payload to investigate complementary and more subtle atmospheric escape-related science goals may also be included, subject to spacecraft resource availability, funding, and competitive selection.

Payload Configuration

Figure 1: Schematic illustration of EnVision's core instruments, click for details

Mission profile

Following an end 2024 launch, EnVision will focus on interferometry, stereoSAR and locating the Venera landers. Data products also include polarimetric and high resolution data. The planned 2 year and 8 month nominal science mission could be complemented by a 20 months extended mission.

Figure 1 :   Imaging and data return strategy, click for details

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